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Back End

Altispeed supports all server platforms. Unlike other IT support companies in addition to supporting Windows our Red Hat certified technicians can tackle any problem you have on your Linux server. We understand the importance of keeping your server up 24/7/365.

Client Side Front End

While it's true that we are geeks at heart. We are professional geeks practiced in the art of helping the computer illiterate do amazing things with a keyboard and mouse. Unlike other IT companies though we don't stop at Windows support. Want to run Ubuntu on your desktop? We're here to help!

This is Altispeed

Altispeed, LLC


Founded: 2009

Owner: Noah J. Chelliah


Areas of expertise:  IT Security, Linux Servers, Windows Servers, Cisco, Mikrotik, Lotus Domino, Amateur Radio,

Commercial & Residential Services

Network Infrastructure

From wired and wireless access points to full scale network deployments, Altispeed is ready to handle all of your structured wiring and configuration needs.

We have a tech for that!


Altispeed has technicians that specialize in different types of service. We offer support for Microsoft Windows, RedHat Enterprise Linux, Cisco, Fedora, Outlook, Lotus Domino, and most open source software.


Want to Buy Tech?

Tired of giving your money to the big box stores that aren't there for you when you have questions? Visit our online store to buy products. If it's the middle of the night call our emergency line 701-402-2300 Ext 5 to have a tech meet you to pick up your purchase. (select "need it now" during checkout)